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We don’t know the answer either, but lately, artists like Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and now Faster Pussycat are taking the smaller Tulsa venues by a storm. And while some may be indifferent, for those of us who not only want, but NEED need a mosh pit or head banging, we couldn’t be happier about it.

Just as everything else today, Heavy Metal is resurfacing along with the sitcom, movie remake and tight jeans. If it ain’t your thing, that’s fine, but if it is, we have the skinny on a happening July 8 (TODAY) in Tulsa. For only $20, you get four bands leading up to the headliner and as anyone who saw these guys ‘back in the day’ will attest, they could really rock your face off.

If you are a little older and the brain struggles to remember any of their Anthem hits, of course, their ballad “House of Pain” got huge airplay, but another hit, “Kill Kill” was a big deal too. Their biggest years were 1987-1993 and they broke up in 1993, thereby ending the run. After many years of nothing, the band reformed and has done some style reformatting as well, so expect some new songs you may not have been expecting along with the old stuff.

Be sure to check out the lead-up bands: The Normandys, Good Villains, Doxy and Tramp will be openers for FP, and we hear great things about all of them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a concert and like the opening acts better than the headliner, but that’s off the record me talking.

Show is TONIGHT, so grab $20 and take your special someone out for a night of music or get out and show the younger you that your Mojo is still in working order, but GET OUT and ROCK.