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We have to tell you that our favorite place for sites and the smell of leather, Patchwork PUP, is OPEN both today (Saturday) and Monday, MEMORIAL Day for all your riding leather needs. Or you can pop in for a FREE TEE! How FREAKIN’ AWESOME is THAT?!?! AIN’T NOTHIN’ FREE NO MORE! Well, my friend, that’s where you’d be wrong, because our friend, Glenda, the GREAT Stitch (get it? I don’t get out much, sue me) will be handing out free (no strings attached, we checked) tee-shirts to all who pass her doorway until 8 p.m. this evening (unless the tornadoes blow us all away, let’s pray not) and she’ll be back at it Monday all day, handing out free (because she is about as generous and kind as a person can get) tee-shirts AGAIN all day MONDAY from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.! This little lady just doesn’t know the meaning of ‘quit’.

While we got you reading this, don’t tell her we told you, but Glenda decided a while back to sell Patchwork Pup to someone she thought would make it run smoothly. And while she felt as though she was handing off her child, she felt as thought her shop was going to be okay. Turns out things went a little wonky, to say the least. Now, Glenda being who she is couldn’t have her brothers and sisters wearing shoddy leathers and embroidery; her reputation was built on making custom wear for Bikers, Military and Masonic folks in this area, and even though she wasn’t a part of the shop, she felt this wasn’t what she wanted her people wearing. So what did she do? That silly seamstress grabbed her pincushion and took her shop back! And it hasn’t been an easy climb, let me tell ya. She has had to replace broken machinery, lost parts, the list goes on. But Glenda and her staff are not willing to let you run around looking like a pauper. Even over a holiday weekend!

Lastly, leather is a game changer if you ride a motorcycle. Ask anyone who’s been in an accident. Even if you are a bit uncomfortable in this Okie heat, having a bit of leather between your delicate hide and the road is a gift from God in an accident, so don’t forego this critical safety gear when you ride. There are so many items that are made to keep you safe while keeping you cooler that it’s worth the few bucks. And Patchwork Pup can dress you up with some custom embroidery too.

They also have all kinds of other things you’ll see that you didn’t know you needed, like decals, gloves, handbags, and more. Ask about what she can order too, because they have magic powers at Patchwork Pup, but they don’t like to brag about them. They can make a special piece you’ve been looking for forever suddenly appear in a few days, complete with your special embroidery, in the exact color scheme you wanted. It’s amazing!

Check out all they can do on Facebook or give them a call: (918) 978-7578, but we STRONGLY suggest you just pop in and get you one of them FREE TEES! And tell ’em the Janitor and the staff at Oklahoma Biker sent ya.

Be safe out there and look out for the cages!