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Okay, there are two HUGE events happening this upcoming weekend and I wouldn’t be playing fair if I didn’t tell you about them both. First one gets you in the woods, where it’s all creepy and scary at night, and the other gets you in the muddy parts, never knowing what lurks below, but by day two, you are going to be so gross those creatures of grossness are gonna spit you back out, so get over it.

It’s time again for the Deepwoods Rally in Cameron July 15-17 and just the name makes me go in search of the highest DEET bug spray I can find, but every bug bite is a badge of honor when you’ve partied through the entire weekend, scratches, bites and all. It’s a ‘rite of passage’ in some parts. It’s a big deal with games, food, beer (duh), friends you haven’t seen since the last Rally and lots more. Want more info? Call (918) 654-7384.

Okay, my dear e-mail pen pal, Jennifer (who thrives on making trouble) is the brainchild behind much of the hoopla at Sparks America. It appears that she is all caffeinated and has been dreaming up all kinds of things to entertain those who like dirt under their nails, port-a-potties and think 110 degrees is just ‘gettin’ warmed up’. I’m a little afraid of her sometimes (like now) because her ideas for ways to get crazy appear to be limitless.

This weekend, the annual Sparks MUDSTOCK gets mud in places that may never be clean again and if you think you got it, then they are calling you out onto the course. ATV’s trail bikes, trucks, whatever else you got, bring it. Lots of action for people who get mud facials as often as possible. Sparks is where the crazy go to let loose and we expect no less. Plenty of data at or call (918) 866-2543. Reserve your spot soon, time is really short!