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OKLAHOMA BIKER’S objective is to feature… the riders’ experience – the real experience! OKLAHOMA BIKER was started in 2004 to realistically portray the biker lifestyle to the citizenry of Oklahoma. Our mission is “to communicate what it means to be an Oklahoma biker and to illustrate the brotherhood existing between Oklahoma bikers.”

 Today OKLAHOMA BIKER is the foremost provider of motorcycle entertainment news and biker information to the Oklahoma biker community. This is accomplished through video productions, magazine publications, event promotions, websites, social media, and specialty printing. Ride Safe and Watch Out for the Cages!

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We have been working with Darrell and the Oklahoma Biker magazine for years. Always profession, always respectful, and just a very great man to work with. Oklahoma Biker goes above and beyond to help the community as well as the individual. It’s been our pleasure to work with them all these years. Thank you, Darrell! – Glenda Whitehead

OK Biker keeps you up to date and connected, has well written articles, and great photography. Thanks for putting out a great magazine. – Tamari Clem

Great group, got to enjoy many at the benefit for Cheri a month ago, I must say the love and brotherhood I experienced that day will not be forgotten…..last time I felt that strong a bond was entertaining for the Hells Angels at the semi annual train runs in CA from 1985 thru 1992…..great memories…..thanks for the invite Tammie Jo! – James Keith

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Are you a ‘Good Stitch’ or a ‘GREAT Stitch’?

We have to tell you that our favorite place for sites and the smell of leather, Patchwork PUP, is OPEN both today (Saturday) and Monday, MEMORIAL Day for all your riding leather needs. Or you can pop in for a FREE TEE! How FREAKIN' AWESOME is THAT?!?! AIN'T NOTHIN'...

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Murdering a Motorcyclist

Larry Weaver was born October 22, 1949 in Wichita, Kansas. After high school, he joined the United States Navy, where he did three deployments to Vietnam aboard the USS Coral Sea. After getting out of the Navy, he stayed in California working for Grumman Aircraft,...

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Lots of bugs and dirt comin’ at ya this weekend

Okay, there are two HUGE events happening this upcoming weekend and I wouldn't be playing fair if I didn't tell you about them both. First one gets you in the woods, where it's all creepy and scary at night, and the other gets you in the muddy parts, never knowing...

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